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SOCIAL GATHERINGS! - The Fifth Place [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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SOCIAL GATHERINGS! [Oct. 25th, 2004|05:10 pm]
The Fifth Place


[Current Music |Oasis]

Hi, ok, soooooooo many social events it's almost overwhelming...

OK so.... Jonn's birthday, the day before his bash I took him out and got him drunk, against his wishes, the next day was the big bash!!! Langdon, 7.30, £2.
Their band, One Dead, played and with a collaberation, whgich was great.
There was a DJ (who added his own piece to the collab)
There was balloons, osters, banners, alcohol, drugs (weed etc.), bashment, rock, cakes, snacks, drunken Josh, Carl etc. etc. Too much good stuff to type.
The next night was Iszy's (same place, same time etc.) and for the first yr11 party at Langdon it wasn't half bad, lots of alcohol, girl on girl, good music, and one guy everyone likes with fwuffy hair and bad haits (a uni boy-yay!)-'twas coolio. On a side note I stayed at Kimm's and she was lean and I was drunk, it was great!
Then the following weekend..... I have very little memory of, I assume a lot of pub going...... I have no idea, but there was older sixth former's parties and Jonn's best's birthdays, then we had monday off sixth form.
For me tuesday was the zoo and afternoon lessons on wednesday were cancelled, on thursday zoo-goers got high under a bridge (yuuuup and yes in the zoo itself). By Friday 'twas a "joint" birthday of Keiran and Teena's, hence bowling, cinema, more drugs, the works.
Tonight will be another birthday bash and thursday will be a fancy dress, at langdon, again-yay!

Oh and the background to this community is the jacket I am begging my parents for

[User Picture]From: dohsermar
2005-02-24 10:33 pm (UTC)
Got the jacket and i think the background disappeared or something *shrug*
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